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51 created a series of resources about thermoformed plastic packaging, materials, manufacturing methods, and other topics our customers care about. Check back often for informative content as we continue to share valuable insights, and market trends.


We’re focused on providing superior packaging solutions that deliver quality, performance, and durability. 51 uses many different types of plastic materials in developing our packaging. We also offer eco-friendly alternatives as well as bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable material options.

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51 has made it easy to find the right container for any sort of application or use. In addition to these new search features, products can be purchased directly on the website. With over 350 shapes and sizes in stock—from simple deli containers to complex trays with multiple compartments—you can be sure 51 covers your packaging needs.

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We stock well over 350 different shapes and sizes of 51 plastic packaging containers. We welcome requests for product samples to find the perfect match for your product.