Packaging by Application

Your product line shines when the packaging is done right. 51’s containers’ innovative designs display your products beautifully, protecting them in durable, elegant plastics that show your customers they chose the best brand. Cutting-edge technology helps control packaging costs, preventing or reducing the need for extra liners, absorbent pads, preservatives, and seals even on sustainable plastic packaging. Find the perfect match for your application.
Round confectionary container holding fruits and desserts

Whether you are looking for the perfect display sustainable plastic container for a loaf of artisan bread, delicious cupcakes, freshly made muffins, or need angled cookie display clamshells with exemplary clarity, we have what you need. Crystal clear display quality and sturdy, attractive trays showcase and protect your beautiful wares in easy-to-use, reliable containers. Find out what you’ve been missing here.

Package your premade sweets elegantly for your discerning clientele. Our gorgeous crystal clear packaging does your scrumptious treats justice and helps you stand out from the competition. Our containers offer features customers want, including film seal, tamper-evident packaging, and sustainable material options without sacrificing looks or utility. We understand that your customers demand freshness, security, and reliability, and we deliver.

Clear container holding a variety of frosted cupcakes
thermoformed plastic packaging Deli, Dips, and Sauces for packaging suppliers near me

51’s advanced technology offers the perfect containers to display and sell your dips, deli goods, or sauces. Your customers will love the excellent clarity and safety of our packing. Our sharply designed, sturdy containers offer exemplary clarity and dazzling displayability. 51 also knows ease of use is essential, and that’s why we also provide glove-friendly options. Let 51 bring your perfect packaging to life.

Display your herbs, greens, or fresh cut in crystal clear, beautifully designed packaging by 51. Our innovative containers lock in freshness, protecting and prolonging the life of your greens. 51 knows how to inspire confidence in your consumers and give your brand that something extra it needs to stand out. Explore our dazzling fresh herb containers.

salad clamshell thermoformed plastic packaging for Herb Tender Leaf
Meat and Seafood

Elegant, sturdy, and reliable, our tray packaging covers your needs, from ready-to-eat seafood and sushi to raw meats and charcuterie. They feature our patented Honeycomb Technology, which locks liquids in place without absorbent pads, and extends product shelf life and freshness. Our meat and protein trays not only display your products in the most attractive way possible, but they also lock in freshness and lock out germs. Your customers will see the quality of 51 meat and protein trays and know you care about their experience.

Your customers could choose from any number of products. 51 shows them exactly why they should choose yours. Our crystal clear designs, and top-notch features are the perfect foil for your product. We have the shapes, sizes, and specialty containers that you need for your specialty fruits, snacks, or nuts. Our packaging is innovative and intelligent, even decreasing the need for preservatives. Trust 51 to bring your ideal packaging to life.

Assortment of clear square containers with tomatoes, fruit, and a variety of nuts
Find Your Perfect Container

Whether you’re looking for a specific container or want to understand your packaging options for fresh foods, you’ve come to the right place. We make it easy to find the right container for any application.