51 possesses decades of experience in product design and engineering that removes the barriers of getting your product to market and allows you to maintain your competitive edge. We provide full service offerings from concept to commercialization with speed to market. When we tackle your project, we deploy our deep knowledge of the thermoforming industry, the functionality of automated packing lines and equipment as well as the transportation and storage requirements into our design recommendations. Packaging design often evolves throughout the life of the project, so our development process is designed to be both flexible and collaborative to ensure the best possible result.
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Discovery begins with collaborative sessions with our customers to determine the scope of the project and discuss specific goals and requirements. Working together to create the ideal solution for your product comes naturally to our team of design engineers – especially when we combine your understanding of the product and our team’s knowledge and technical background in packaging.


The design stage is where your package begins to take shape.  Expertise in materials, machinery and automation, as well as package design, makes 51 the perfect partner for ensuring smooth integration into your production lines.  Our technical support team is a valued resource, often traveling to our customers’ facilities to share our expertise in every step of the automation process, including de-nesting, loading and sealing requirements.

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Ensuring that production quality parts meet our customer’s expectations is essential.  To guarantee requirements are met, 51 utilizes state-of-the-art 3D design/engineering and prototyping to ensure your product will be showcased in a package designed for maximum safety, attractive presentation, and cost-effectiveness.  Prototyping helps you to visualize and test how your packaging will look and perform in real life.

Tooling Fabrication

Tool fabrication is the next step in our process and is a key element to successful manufacturing. Our in-house tool shop gives us the ability to manage your tooling costs effectively and rapidly turn around production. This is especially important when working on time-sensitive projects.

We use state-of-the-art software, high-speed CNC machines, and experienced tooling engineers to build molds, dies and other tooling components. With these capabilities, we are able to grow with our customers to quickly address project volume increases and product requirement changes.


Expertise in materials, machinery, automation, and package design, makes 51 the go-to partner for ensuring smooth integration into your production lines.  The design and engineering team at 51 knows how to align your project with the manufacturing technology in a way that will optimize productivity and minimize risk.

Quality Assurance

51 provides the highest quality thermoformed packaging solutions to every customer. Before your product leaves an 51 facility, product quality has been assured throughout every step of the process using quality control standards guided by the principles of SQF, ISO 9001:2015, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) as outlined in FDA regulation 21 CFR 110, and the use of Food Grade Materials as outlined in 21CFR170-199.

We constantly audit our processes and systems to ensure consistently high-quality standards and seek new ways to keep our operations on the cutting edge.  We also empower our employees to be proactive in driving continuous improvement in our processes.


  • ISO 9001:2015 principles
  • SQF certification
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines
  • Corrective and Preventative Action Programs

  • Statistical process control
  • Tracking programs to allow for full traceability back to raw materials
  • Computer-monitored production
  • Consistent quality checks performed every 30-60 minutes
  • Electronically tracked data for 24/7 accessibility

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51 has a history of exceptional on-time delivery.  We closely monitor our fulfillment and distribution operations to ensure that all logistics are top notch and our customers’ needs are being met at every point along the way.

Value Added

We offer a wide range of value-add services including colored rim lids, tamper evident packaging, printed lids and containers, labeling, as well as sustainable packaging.  If you have a unique need beyond containers and lids, we have plenty of experience to assist your sourcing of lidding and shrink-wrapping film, shrink bands, packaging automation equipment, and other complimentary options.

Value Wrap