Imagine produce that tastes as fresh as the day it was picked. 51 is your partner for packaging solutions that keep fresh cut produce perfectly crisp. Work with our experts for products tailored to your specifications, from an array of options that decrease carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.

Locks in Freshness

Presentation is everything. 51’s crystal clear thermoformed plastic packaging puts your products on display as they were meant to be. Show off crisp lettuce, delicious produce, and flavorful herbs without sacrificing freshness. These containers are engineered to keep the most vulnerable fresh cut crisp.

salad in plastic clamshell packaging

Tamper Evident
Leak-resistant, clear, strong, and durable packaging protects food against contamination. Our patented tamper evident technology protects during shipping and transport and provides sealing options that can extend the shelf life of your products.

Ultra-Sonic Tear Strip

Ultra-Sonic Tear Strip
Easy to use, reliable, safe opening, and resealing technology secures food from bacteria and contamination. Ultra-sonic tear strips leads to less plastic waste, breaking into two pieces instead of three.

Film Seal

Film Seal
Sealing in freshness is our specialty. Our solution vendors easy-to-peel film seal ensures your products peel clean and smoothly each time to meet your sealing needs.

Herb clamshell container

Safe & Secure

These sturdy containers are lightweight, transparent, and resealable. Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes from medium to large salad tubs, herb clamshells, and salad to-go items. 51 in this category also feature Tamper Evident technology, Ultra Sonic Tear strips, and Film Seal capabilities. Our herb and tender leaf line of packaging ensures your food is safe, secure, and free from bruising.