Domes & Platters

Easy Pak domes and platters look classy, protecting your products with high-quality plastic packaging while hitting the sweet spot of price point and sturdy, high-quality materials. Your catering, deli, cake, or display foods look their best in our beautifully designed platter and dome combos. 51 platters come in a variety of colors, with optional domes. Domes come in various heights and shapes, including fluted and smooth sides, to accommodate everything from cookies to layer cakes. You can rely on 51 to be your packaging partner.

Find the Right Dome & Platter

The best dome or platter for your event, bakery, or display is just a few clicks away. Take a look through our product search below, then reach out to request a quote or get in touch with one of our representatives today. We can help you find the exact match for your application.

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