The dynamic markets for deli, snacks, and other food processors evolve with the times, and 51 evolves with them. We recognize the crucial role of innovative packaging solutions for these sectors. Our commitment extends beyond quality packaging; we aim to provide insights into industry trends, market demands, and the competitive landscape.

Choosing the right packaging partner is essential to meet the growing demand for prepacked snacks and other convenient snack products, both nationally and globally. Our solutions prioritize usability, from automation adaptability to storage and display.

Extended Shelf Life For the Snacks Market

Thermoformed plastic packaging offers a durable, lightweight, and resilient solution ideal for snack containers. Our unique manufacturing process allows for easy storage and processing with stackable and nestable containers, with rectangular tubs being among the most popular.

51 containers feature tamper-evident options, are microwave and freezer safe, and offer film seal capabilities. These features not only ensure security during shipping and transportation but also provide various sealing options to extend shelf life and protect against contamination.

Pasta salad containr

Tamper Evident
Leak-resistant, clear, strong, and durable packaging protects food against contamination. Our patented tamper evident technology protects during shipping and transport and provides sealing options that can extend the shelf life of your products.


Freezer Safe
Packaging for frozen foods must be able to withstand freezing temperatures without breaking. Our freezer safe materials packaging allow your food to be frozen and thawed while maintaining the integrity and quality of the food.


Microwave Safe
Safe for heat filling and reheating in microwaves, our enhanced packaging materials keep your food fresh, delicious, and most importantly, safe to eat. This packaging keeps out contaiminants and maintains its shape when microwaved.

Film Seal

Film Seal
Sealing in freshness is our specialty. Our solution vendors easy-to-peel film seal ensures your products peel clean and smoothly each time to meet your sealing needs.

thermoformed plastic HPP container with hummus with sauteed vegetabled and spice on top

Strength and Clarity for Food Processors and Delis

The deli foods market size has seen significant growth, with market trends showing a CAGR of 5.7% projected from 2023 to 2030, and the global cold cuts market valued at USD 498.24 billion in 2023. Similarly, the ready meals market was valued at USD 159.29 billion in 2022, with an anticipated CAGR of 8.9% from 2023 to 2030. The diversity and competitiveness of these markets demand market players explore a variety of packaging options that capture attention, earns trust, and showcases foods at their best.

Our range includes containers in various shapes and sizes, suitable for fruits, vegetables, dips, and pasta, featuring secure sealability and leak-resistant packaging. With numerous options for branding, your products will stand out on retail shelves.