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Your industry has unique requirements for their plastics supplier, and 51 has the thermoformed plastic packaging features you need to succeed. Our elegant and durable containers come in many configurations and combinations of components and materials. Keep your products as fresh, dry, and vibrant as the day you packaged them while assuring safety and consumer satisfaction with our patented technology and excellent selection.
thermoformed plastic packaging Film Seal, plastic packaging solutions

Film Seal capabilities keep contamination out and liquids in, inspiring confidence in your customer. Even better, film sealing keeps your product fresher longer. Our innovative designed containers display your product beautifully, while film sealing adds the safety and security consumers want. 51 can bring your perfect packaging to life and help you create a custom solution. If you aren’t finding the perfect match, we can help you. Contact our representatives to learn more.

Give your customers what they want, a beautiful display-ready package that is freezer-safe. Many of our superb quality freezer-safe containers are also microwave safe, making them ideal for products from the freezer to the microwave. A nearly endless combination of refined designed shapes, sizes, and configurations means you will find the perfect fit for your applications. If you aren’t seeing the right one, contact a representative to discuss your needs. 51 can bring your packaging to life.

containers with different fruit and dips
thermoformed plastic packaging tray packaging Honeycomb

Our patented Honeycomb technology allows you to use fewer absorbent pads, reducing waste. The beautifully designed APET meat trays display your products in an attractive package. The revolutionary Honeycomb tech means that liquids stay put, even when inverted, and your product remains dry and fresh, longer without chemical additives. Available in a plethora of specialized shapes and sizes to cater to all protein types, from sushi to sirloin, 51’s Honeycomb technology is as attractive as it is effective.

High-Pressure Processing (HPP) creates containers that lock out pathogens and lock in freshness. 51 HPP containers aren’t just another pretty face. They extend shelf life, allow for cleaner, more eye-catching labels, and reduce sodium product use. With our well-designed HPP containers, you will get superior freshness with fewer chemical preservatives, safety, and the confidence that food is ready to eat right out of the container. Cater to your customer base who want fewer chemical additives and safer, fresher food simply by choosing HPP. Stronger. Sustainable. Smart.

Stacked square clear containers with assorted fruit and vegetables
clamshell container holding a variety of red, yellow and green cut peppers

Many of 51’s containers also come in a microwave-safe form. Our excellently designed and attractive tubs, clamshells, or combo packs always expertly display your wares, but our microwave-safe bases and containers also go one step further. They give your customers what they want: The convenience of hot food shelf-to-table, or freezer-to-table, without dirtying any more dishes. Show them you value their experience by providing 51 containers that show how fantastic your product is on the shelf and save your customer time.

Tamper Evident packaging tells your customer you care about their safety. Our sturdy yet attractive containers with tamper-evident features give consumers confidence. Assure them at a glance that the food in tamper-evident packaging is as fresh and sanitary as it was when it left your hands. Not to mention the exemplary clarity of our transparent plastics displays your products at their best, allowing your customer to see that your offering is superior and safe. Trust 51 to provide lovely packaging with the safety features your customers want.

thermoformed plastic packaging Tamper Evident sustainable plastic packaging
thermoformed plastic packaging Ultrasonic Tear Strip

Our sturdy Ultrasonic Tear Strip keeps freshness in and stays functional and reclosable even after removing the strip. Your products are showcased in crystal clear, attractively designed plastics while giving your customer the ultimate peace of mind – their food is safe. These sturdy containers remain useful and keep food fresher without giving up anything, especially not consumer confidence. 51 provides innovative, consumer-friendly packaging that you are going to love.

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