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51’s innovative product mix offer hundreds of combinations of materials, shapes, sizes, and special features, providing attractive, reliable solutions. We specialize in bulk quantities of top-quality thermoformed containers. Our smart packaging solutions deliver essential features and a competitive advantage for large-scale food producers.
clear square containers with assorted fruits, nuts and dips

Already know what kind of container you are looking for? This page will best serve those who know what product they want. Find exactly what you are looking for in our extensive product portfolio, from serving utensils to trays and beyond. Whether it’s a bowl or tub, round or rectangular container, clamshell, or combo pack, you can easily find the best range of products for your needs here.

Is there a specific feature your container solution must have? Then, this is the best place to start for you. Our company offers essential options for producers, such as film seal or our patented Honeycomb technology that wicks and holds moisture. Are you looking for HPP, tamper-evident packaging, or microwave and freezer safe containers? This is the right place to explore your options by required features from our existing products.

Black tray containers with kabobs, shrimp, and steaks
clear compartment containers holding salad, fruits, and cheese

Are you looking for products specific to your market? Every industry has specific needs and display challenges, from bakeries to meat and protein producers, to snack and confections. 51 containers offer the features, quality, and reliability you need, whether you provide herbs, tender leaf, or deli products, to support your marketing strategy. This page is where you will find the best match for your specific application from our extensive product portfolio.

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Whether you’re looking for a specific container or want to understand your packaging options for fresh foods, you’ve come to the right place. We make it easy to find the right container for any application.