Meat & Produce Replacement

51’s Meat and Produce Replacement features patented moisture trapping technology, allowing for reduced waste by making absorbent pads unnecessary in most applications. The revolutionary base design locks in moisture: liquids stay put, even when inverted, keeping your product fresher longer, without chemical additives. Our Honeycomb technology also displays and protects produce, and is a cost-effective and durable replacement for EPS foam.

As bans on expanded polystyrene containers roll out in major cities and counties like San Diego and Los Angeles and states like New York, 51 is positioned to supply the best substitute for foam trays, post-consumer recycled PET (PCR) packaging that cuts down on waste anywhere in the country. The beautifully designed, post-consumer recycled PET (PCR) meat trays display your products in an elegant package. With the broadest offering in the industry catering to all protein types, from sushi to produce to sirloin, 51’s moisture trapping technology is as attractive as it is effective. 51 is a true sustainability partner to their customers, and our post-consumer recycled PET (PCR) has been creating a new life for plastics since 2004, including our Honeycomb meat and produce replacement.

Find the Right Honeycomb Base Container

The perfect containers for meats, proteins, and produce, featuring 51’s moisture trapping technology to protect and extend the life of your products, are just a few clicks away. Whether you are looking to replace EPS foam products, preparing to launch a new product line, or upgrading your packing options to improve on freshness and display, we have the packaging you need with the features your customers expect. Take a look through our product search below, answering the five simple questions to see what off-the-shelf solutions may already exist. If you don’t find what you are looking for or are looking for a custom solution, reach out to request a quote or get in touch with one of our representatives today. We can help you find the exact match for your application.

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